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Insanely Easy Crockpot Lasagna

When I hear the word “lasagna” I tend to cringe. Lasagna is synonymous with either hours of labor-intensive work in a hot kitchen or soggy flavorless stuff from the freezer. But did you know that lasagna doesn’t have to be labor-intensive or soggy and flavorless? Because it doesn’t! All you need is one amazing tool: […]

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Damn Good Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

There are a few desserts that are good year-round, and dutch oven peach cobbler is one of them. Yes, you can make peach cobbler in the oven and get a passable result. However, using a dutch oven is going to give you a damn good result. If you’re scared or unable to use a dutch […]

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Strawberry Pretzels Forever

My favorite fruit of spring hands down is the strawberry. Not only are they extremely versatile when it comes to baking and cooking, but they are just such a happy little fruit. Plus, I can always count on my strawberry plants to come back year after year regardless of how badly I care for them. […]

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Paula Deen Approved Butter Bread

I have a few memories growing up of my grandma making rolls and bread from scratch. There was nothing quite like fresh hot bread from the oven topped with melting butter and fresh jam. We would all crowd the counter waiting for our piece and eat them so fast we ended up with burned tongues. […]