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How to Make Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

How to Make Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

My favorite time of year is when the Girl Scouts come a knockin’! This year I had a few students selling cookies, so I had plenty of options to buy my cookies. I’m not going to say that I buy enough to keep in the freezer for a good six months….but I might be the kind of person who does that. I had my cookies planned out and rationed until disaster hit in the form of my three year old daughter. I don’t know how she discovered the cookie stash, but discover them she did and in no time flat that carefully rationed storage disappeared.

So what’s a girl to do when she has a hankering for some Girl Scout cookies, and there are none to be had? Make your own, of course! I’ve rounded up some of the best recipes to make your own Girl Scout cookies (and they just might be a little bit easier on your waistline). Here’s what you need: a good cookie sheet, silicone baking mat, and a food processor.

Imitation Samoa Bars: These are a fantastic imitation of the classic. The “caramel” is actually made with dates, and the tasty shortbread uses delicious walnuts as a base. You can either cut these out into the traditional Samoa cookie shape, or you can cut them into bars, either way you’re guaranteed to quench that Samoa craving! 

Paleo Thin Mints: I’ll admit, thin mints are not my favorite. But they happen to be the favorites of my oldest and my hubby. They could eat an entire sleeve in their sleep. Which isn’t my favorite thing. These babies though, I’m telling you, they could eat the entire pan and I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad about it. The base is almond flour with cocoa powder and tapioca powder thrown in. Then it gets covered in chocolatey goodness. Yum! 

Coconut Oil Shortbread (Trefoils!): Okay, while I’m a total Samoas girl, there is nothing like dipping a trefoil shortbread cookie into a glass of cold milk and savoring the buttery crunch. These are a great substitution to the original. Really. They come out crunchy and nutty and delicious. As a bonus, there’s a recipe for some chocolate sauce that you can use to make trefoil sandwiches. Talk about scrumptious! 

Healthy Girl Scout Tagalongs: These are a perfect substitution for the original. Almond flour adds some yummy nuttiness, and they definitely don’t have refined sugar or trans fats. So…that makes them guilt-free right? 

S’mores Cookies: These are a new addition to the Girl Scout lineup and they are quickly becoming my favorite! They have a great graham cracker base with bits of marshmallow and chocolate chips thrown in. It’s the next best thing to sitting in front of a campfire. 

And there you have it folks! A round up of five of the best Girl Scout impersonators out there. Don’t mind me while I’m hiding my extras at the neighbors house….

Imitation Samoa Bars via CookingAlaMel

Paleo Thin Mints via LexisCleanKitchen

Coconut Oil Shortbread Trefoils via WingItVegan

Healthy Girl Scout Tagalongs via ChocolateCoveredKatie

S’mores Cookies via KeepinItKing

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