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10 Scrumptious Sandwich Recipes

10 Scrumptious Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches and sandwich recipes are kind of the unsung hero of a busy mom. They can be super simple, but they can also be a perfectly filling main dish! They are simple to pull together, but if you vary your ingredients you can keep your household on their toes. I’ve pulled 10 scrumptious sandwiches, each with a different type of meat or filling to hopefully meet the varied needs of any house.

You could serve your sandwiches in this gorgeous serving tray if you’re in the mood for something new and different! Other than that, sandwiches are pretty simple and don’t require any special tools. Keep reading for my favorite sandwich recipes!

#1 BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich are a simple classic for a reason. The lettuce adds crunch, the tomato adds some texture, and the bacon adds a punch of flavor. You can customize it any way you’d like, but adding mayo takes your BLT up a notch, and adding avocado makes it practically perfect in my opinion. 

#2 Easy Slow Cooker French Dip: This is a great one to make and forget for a while. Letting your slow cooker do the hard work for you is the best way to make your sandwiches work for you. Top them with some cheese and serve on a sub with au jus sauce and it’s definitely a meal! 

#3 Grilled Brie and Pear Sandwich: Brie is an amazing cheese to work with! It’s got a great mellow flavor that pairs nicely with lots of fruit, but especially pears. The sharp pears and the creamy brie are delicious heated up on some toasted sourdough bread. It puts a typical grilled cheese to shame. 

#4 California Club Chicken Wrap: I know, it’s not technically a sandwich, but this is one exception that everyone should indulge in! It has a delicious flavor with the chicken, bacon, and avocado that is guaranteed to please almost anyone! 

#5 Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll Ups: This is also not your typical ham sandwich. It comes together quickly and with minimal ingredients. If you’re in a pinch and looking for something hot and yummy, this is it.  

#6 Classic Cuban Midnight Sandwich: There are few sandwiches that live up to the Cuban. Pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles melt together to create a taste that is savory, creamy, and beyond yum. 

#7 Lemon Dill Tuna Melt Sandwiches: The zest of the lemon and twist of dill add a great depth to this classic dish. You can serve it open-faced style and eat it with a fork and knife like a civilized human being, or you can just forgo the utensils and use your hands. I won’t judge. 

#8 Cranberry Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich: You can’t talk about turkey without bringing up Thanksgiving. Serving it on a whole wheat bread with tangy cranberry sauce is definitely the way to go. You can even go a little more crazy and add a thin layer of potatoes and gravy and maybe just a little stuffing. It’ll be messy, but so worth it. 

#9 Gyros: You can make your own gyros meat and serve it on pita bread with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, and feta. This is a classic and honestly my favorite sandwich of all time! 

#10 Chef John’s Sloppy Joes: No sandwich list would be complete without adding sloppy joes! If you’ve got a thick sauce with well prepared beef, you’re going to have a great sloppy joe. Serve it on a classic bun with lettuce, and maybe a little shredded cheese on top. 

And there you have it! Ten different sandwiches with ten different meats or fillings for any occasion. From a quick evening meal to a planned and prepared feast, these ten sandwich recipes can’t lead you astray!

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